Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Prom 2012

Prom was this past weekend and I wanted to share a couple of pictures from the weekend. Madeline was asked to Prom by her long time friend, Tucker, and they had a great time. So much of the fun and excitement in these formal dances is the preparing to go. We spent Saturday getting the final touches together. Flowers, hair done, makeup done, jewelry figured out.

This dress started out as a strapless gown with no frills. We bought a little jacket which a good friend used to sew on little sleeves and I spent a few hours adding sequins and crystal beads to make it more interesting. We love the way it turned out and Madeline looked beautiful in the gown.

It's important to us that our girls dress modestly and that they feel comfortable in their dress. Although skimpy, revealing styles are the norm these days, I believe a young lady will feel more confident and beautiful if she is properly covered and doesn't have to worry about showing too much skin, plus the young man doesn't have to be concerned about where his eyes are :)