Thursday, May 3, 2012


I'm not really a necklace gal. I only wear them occasionally and I usually grow annoyed by them within a half hour and am ready to tear them off the second I get home.

Bracelets, on the other hand, I love. I almost feel naked without one. My Pinterest Wish List is filled with bracelets that I adore. Just thought I would share all the prettiness here.

1. Amour Propre by Kiel James Kirkpatrick 2. Pulp Stone Bracelet by Anthropologie 3. Painted Metal Cuff by The Garden Studio 4. Spring Friendship Chain Bracelet by Alexandra Jade [I already have this one and LOVE it!] 5. Knotted Bea Bracelet by Anthropologie 6. Chevron Bangle by One Sydney Road 7. Hand Painted Marrakech Wooden Bracelet by Aramar 8. Briggs Tide & Chauncey knot bracelet by Kiel James Kirkpatrick 9. Sterling Silver Stackable Cuffs by LenandLen 10. Leather Wrap Bracelet by FullOfCraft

Which do you prefer?
Bracelets or necklaces?