Monday, May 7, 2012

Birthday Surprises!

Today is my birthday, and it's been so fun already that I just want to share the surprises with you. So today there are 5 mix winners! Here's the random picks:

#3- Mrs. Webster
#7- Sarah Jane
#19- Jennie La
#21- Shannon
#22- Katherine

Congratulations! Please email me [passionistapresents at gmail dot com] your address so that I can get your mix in the mail.

I woke up this morning to all kinds of surprises. My youngest, Lily, brought me breakfast in bed, and she and Ethan also decorated the walls with cute handmade signs. Ethan also wrote me the sweetest note that brought tears to my eyes. My older girls showered me with hugs and kisses and"I love you's" and "Happy Birthday's" early before they left for seminary. Then, after seminary Jocelyn brought in the newspaper to show me that Brandon made the front page of the paper today with a story about our organic blueberry farm. I also have a very dear friend who decorates our front porch EVERY year on my birthday and I love what she did this year with a super cute birthday banner.

Today will be filled with family and fun and I am feeling grateful to be surrounded by such wonderful people. I am so lucky to have such awesome kids, a loving husband, and thoughtful friends and family.

I hope your day is wonderful too!