Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Break in Spokane.

Spokane is just a short two hour drive north of the Tri-Cities, where we live, and we have family who lives up there, so for Spring break we decided to head north for some fun, some food, and some shopping.

 The first thing Spokane did to welcome us was shower us with ice and snow, and then it followed up with rain. We weren't too fazed by it though. We trooped through it.

 We were awestruck by the powerful Spokane Falls, which we viewed from a suspension bridge and sky ride gondolas. The power of that water was amazing.

Brandon's aunt and uncle, Blaine & Virginia, run the beautiful bed + breakfast, Inn At the Lake, just north of Spokane on Diamond Lake. We stayed with them and were treated like royalty with extravagant and delicious breakfasts. Pictured above is the starting course and main course. Seriously over the top.

We all fit perfectly into the sky ride gondolas which were fun and a bit scary. We also snapped a picture with Blaine & Virginia just before leaving. They are amazing innkeepers, and we adore them!

The view from the lakefront Inn is so breathtaking, whether it's clear or foggy. We love it up there!

Other highlights:
+ meeting up with my sister-in-law Nancie and her three boys so the kids could jump-jump-jump at Sky High Sports. They had a blast!
+ lots of shopping to keep the teenage girls happy :)
+ we ate at our cousins restaurant Rusty Roof's and enjoyed their delicious food [voted Spokane's best burger, but my favorite is their crispy sweet potato fries and house made frozen custard.]
+ Nancie and I got to go up to the hospital to visit Lisa and Elisabeth and that was special. We continue to pray for them, that the doctors can find a solution for sweet little Lizzie!

P.S. Pauline isn't pictured in these shots because she wasn't with us. She was invited to go to the Oregon coast with a friend, and she had a lot of fun :)