Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lest I forget...

This morning as I was cleaning up the kitchen and removing old, unnecessary papers from the refrigerator, I found this letter that Lily wrote to me a while ago [maybe while I was sick, even], which was hidden from view under a bunch of other papers. I honestly had completely forgotten about it, but quickly remembered how much I had loved it and so I gave it a place of prominence on the fridge. Then, as life often does, junk piled up over it.

I don't want to forget, not for even a minute, how precious these children are. I don't want the "junk" of life to pile up over and hide how important these moments are. So, I'm going to frame this sweet little note, and hang it somewhere obvious, like near the kitchen sink, so that I can be reminded everyday not to forget how quickly they grow up.

Her note reads [with spelling errors uncorrected]:

Dear Mommy,

You are the mom ever, you are #1. However I feel like I should get Toms from Greenies (prefebly spakely). Madeline can drive me and I all ready have the money. If we have to order them thats ok. In return I will try to be better. 

Your Daughter,

P.S. I love how she forgot to write in what kind of mom I am in the first sentence. It could be that she meant to say I'm the worst mom, but thankfully she followed with "you are #1" so it's safe to assume she meant to say I am the "best" :)

P.P.S. And don't worry, I'm surprising her with sparkly aqua Toms that she's been pining over!