Friday, March 9, 2012

five gratefuls.

SO much to be grateful for today:

+ gourmet chocolate. Last weekend Brandon and I slipped away to Spokane for a quick overnight getaway. Before we left the Tri-Cities, we stopped in at Country Mercantile for some of their chocolates. Wow. That little square bundle in the middle with the almond on top of a disk of white chocolate? The BEST thing I've EVER tasted. Coconut, caramel, nuts, fudge brownie, all dipped in chocolate. It tasted like Heaven.

+ feeling wonderful. I did get just a little bit of that stomach bug, but it wasn't too bad. I think by the time it hit me, the virus had lost it's gusto. Poor little Lily got it first, and she definitely had it the worst. But today, I am feeling so very great, and the sun is shining so I promised Ethan and Lily that I would take them [and Rosie] to the park after school today. I am really looking forward to the fresh air and sunshine kissing my cheeks.

+ my husband. That quick little getaway with him was perfect. Even though it was less than 24 hours together, we were able to spend all that time, just the two of us, uninterrupted. We ate wonderful food, and talked, and kissed... ok, enough about that. I just love him, alright? If you and your spouse are feeling a little disconnected [a very common thing!], please find a way to get away. Just the two of you. It will really help you reconnect and remind you of all the wonderful reasons why you fell in love in the first place. I think it's really vital to a healthy marriage.

+ piano music. Now that I am feeling better, I'm back to playing piano and organ for my church responsibilities, plus a few extra songs I'm working on. Playing the piano brings me immense joy and satisfaction. I love the process of beginning a difficult song and then working and putting in the practice time to really master that song. It's a very rewarding process.

+ inspiring people. I really love watching people I admire achieve their goals, especially after working so hard and through so much trial to get there. Three people come to mind right now:

Kelly- please go read this post and be inspired. I've adored Kelly's writing for years and even had the chance to meet her once [hopefully again :] and she was just as sweet and charming and kind in person. I am thrilled for her and this new journey she is beginning.

Alicia- she is my cousin, and I've always admired her. She is talented, and funny, and I love to be around her. She also just wrote her first novel, and I got to read it this week. I read it in a day and loved it. [more on that later this month when I will be reviewing it for her blog tour.] Alicia has faced some struggles and trials in her life and reading her book helped me understand her a little bit better, and now I feel even more inspired by her. Please check out her blog tour schedule here.

Brandon- sometimes I am utterly amazed at my husband's energy and determination. Recently, he has been working so hard and is so focused on projects he is working on. Plus, he is also training for some really big races this year. Like, BIG. Bigger and harder than anything he's done. He just never stops, never gives up, and always gives 110%. In three weeks, it will be the 2nd annual Badger Mountain Challenge. Last year's event was a great success and this year will be even bigger and better. He also has created a new running event for the Tri-Cities, the Tough Rhino Mud Run. I am so proud of him and the hard work he has put into these events. He is an animal!

What is inspiring you today?
Please share.