Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Currently listening:

Friends, my heart is a little beaten up right now. Life is full of challenges and sometimes sorrow finds its way into our lives. This week, in preparation for the upcoming General Conference, I am listening to my tried and true favorites. The albums that lift me up. These two albums always do that for me.

The Lower Lights- A Hymns Revival. Some of my favorite people contribute to this album and it never fails to lift me up. This album can surely "cheer up the sad". I hope you will watch the video above and feel the amazing spirit that was poured into this album. I love The Lower Lights.

Nearer: A New Collection of Favorite Hymns. This album was created by the same people who collaborated on The Lower Lights and you will recognize some of the musicians on this album. I really love this one and turn to it often when I need comfort. It can also be downloaded from iTunes

What lifts you up when you are feeling beaten down?

P.S. Maybe you could also pray for little Elisabeth and her family who are really struggling right now. [They are my cousins.]