Monday, February 6, 2012

February Mix

Friends, I'm not doing too well. It looks like I have Mono, and am still feeling pretty crummy. The doctor I've been seeing is concerned about some of my test results and wants me to seek further advice. It's time for me to figure out these health issues and so I will be away from this blog for the rest of the month.

Before I say farewell for February I wanted to leave you with this really lovely soundtrack to enjoy. It's filled with some songs I just can't get over; The Greatest Thing That Never Happened by Jessie Baylin, How Bad We Need Each Other by Marc Scibilia, Little Talks by Of Monsters And Men, and Dangers of Love by Emily West.

Here's the complete tracklist. Enjoy!
1. The Greatest Thing That Never Happened - Jessie Baylin
2. How Bad We Need Each Other - Marc Scibilia [not available yet, I'll let you know when it is!]
3. Simple Song - The Shins
4. Little Talks - Of Monsters And Men
5. Milk-Heavy, Pollen-Eyed - Laura Gibson
6. Dangers of Love - Emily West
7. Emmylou - First Aid Kit
8. Little Darlin' - Landon Pigg
9. Terrified - Among Savages
10. Change The Sheets - Kathleen Edwards
11. Firefly - Ed Sheeran
12. Night Owls - Dry the River
13. Scar - Lucy Rose
14. Home Again - Michael Kiwanuka
15. Nevermind - Annie Williams
16. White Days - The Lighthouse and the Whaler
17. Freakish - Matt Pryor
18. Wake Up Alone - Amy Winehouse
19. I Won't Give Up - Jason Mraz
20. Heavy Heart - Madi Diaz

P.S. due to my absence from the blog this month, there will be no giveaway, but perhaps a double giveaway in March :)

P.P.S. this month's cover picture is from a recent luncheon I helped with for the youth of our church. I thought this raspberry sorbet course was so pretty.