Thursday, January 12, 2012

thinking and thinking and thinking...

This is a post that I've been wanting to write for many months [maybe years?], but for some reason haven't been able to put into words exactly. Until today. My hope is to convey my thoughts about blogging without offending anyone. That's not what this post is about.

I'm not as in love with blogging as I once was. This month will mark five years of blogging for me. Honestly, that's about 4 years 9 months longer than I imagined when I created Passionista. In January 2007, what inspired me to start writing here was reading the words and thoughts of other women/mothers/passionate people and realizing that I may have a voice as well, and maybe there are people who want to read me.

What I didn't realize in the beginning is how much I would enjoy writing out my thoughts, learning about myself in the process and how important connecting with others would be. I've met some amazing people who inspire me with their daily prose. Some of the people I admire I've had the pleasure of meeting in person, a couple have become close friends, and others I hope to meet someday.

The component I have loved most about blogging is the connection to people outside my own home, yet somehow I've become a bit jaded, perhaps even cynical about the world of blogging. As blogging has grown more and more into a world of moneymaking, advertising, sponsoring and etc., etc., etc., I have felt less and less compelled to make connections with the authors I read. Trust me when I say, that I am not judging, for I, myself have partnered with Amazon to make a few cents off of purchases made from links I provide. I also know how much work it takes to seek sponsorships, provide recommendations and form posts to share. It all takes time, and why not get paid to do it? Especially if it enables a mother to stay at home with her family.

For the record, I am not against monetizing.
For the record, I recognize my own responsibility in connecting with those whose writing I admire.
And lets get real, I certainly realize that this web space of mine IS NOT the most inspiring or creative [and I thank you for reading anyways :]

For the record, I am an advocate of keeping our blogs true to ourselves.
Working to maintain something real and of value. For ourselves and for our readers.

Over the past several months, I've been deleting my google reader subscriptions that no longer inspire me and replacing them with blogs that touch my heart, speak to my soul, and offer something beautiful, not just to look at, but beauty to think about. And I am making an effort to reach out to some of them everyday. We all know it's impossible to comment on every post we read, but perhaps we can try a little harder to do a little better. I want the people whose work I admire to know that they are important to little ol' me, and I am grateful for the comments and emails I receive which help me remember that someone out there appreciates my effort too.

Now I have less and less of the 'read this blog because thousands of others are doing it too' and more and more of the 'I can't wait to read all of the thought provoking things this writer is sharing'. And this is leading me to more happiness and more of the I LOVE BLOGGING, BLOGGING IS COOL feelings that I felt in the beginning.

So I would like to occasionally share some of the blogs/posts that make me feel this way.
Maybe you will find a new one to love as well. Stay tuned for that!

So, here's to another five years [maybe?]

I would love to hear your thoughts on blogging as well!