Friday, January 20, 2012

five gratefuls.

I've been away from the computer for the past few days and it's been nice. My daughter, Madeline, has an online math class and she's been using the computer a lot to catch up on her work, which means I haven't had the opportunity to sit here and blog. Sometimes a little break is much needed.

Plus, we've been hammered with crazy winter weather. On Wednesday, it snowed and snowed all day, giving us about 7" of white stuff, but then it turned into freezing rain and all day yesterday it blanketed the snow with ice. Needless to say, school has been canceled. We are taking full advantage of this four day weekend by watching movies in our jammies, playing Farkle, having fun in the snow, and being together as a family. I love it.

I'm grateful today because:

+ being a blueberry farmer means that Brandon isn't too busy today to take the kids sledding.
+ a list of simple household chores is waiting for me and it makes me work.
+ I don't have any reason to leave my warm, cozy home.
+ after I finish my housework, I plan on snuggling by the fire with the book I'm reading while the kids go sledding.
+ when I look outside it looks like a winter wonderland, and that is one of my most favorite things.

Stay warm + safe this weekend!