Tuesday, January 10, 2012

five gratefuls: the Ethan edition.

it's late. my computer says it's 1:14am.
i'm up doing research on celiac disease.
i feel fairly confident that Ethan has it, or something akin to it.
it's been a long journey, and we haven't reached our destination yet.

but i am feeling grateful anyways:

+ to live in a time when research and information is helping to improve the lives of those with food allergies/sensitivities.
+ that Ethan is patient and strong, understanding and reasonable.
+ for moments of peace when i feel like "we can do this."
+ for broccoli. he has a picky palate, and the list of foods he can and will eat is small, but the kid loves broccoli. hallelujah!
+ for a loving Heavenly Father who I can feel guiding me and helping me piece this puzzle together.

I am grateful.