Saturday, December 17, 2011

five gratefuls.

Today my heart is full and I am grateful:

+ for this family picture. This photo showed up in my inbox last night from my brother in law and I am calling this our Christmas miracle. This holiday season has been the weirdest, most stressful, frustrating one yet. This photo was taken the day after Thanksgiving and I remember having a really bad attitude about it because Brandon was busy that day setting up our Christmas tree lot and it just wasn't the ideal day. We didn't really coordinate what we were wearing and it was cold and we were all just kind of grumpy. But, it was one of the rare moments when we have all been together in the daylight and is the ONLY picture we will have available to send in our Christmas cards. Trust me, I am learning a big lesson right now. Be grateful for the NOW.

+ for the kindest, most honest, generous, intelligent, wise and thoughtful friends a girl could ask for. As I have stated above, I've been in a bit of a funk. Getting sick, feeling stretched too thin, being stressed and behind in Christmas preparations means that I've been negative. But, I'm telling you that I have the most amazing friends. Women who give me wise advice, make me feel special, and remind me what this beautiful season is all about. I am so blessed to know such amazing women. And thinking of them brings tears to my eyes.

+ for the support that has been shown to me throughout this journey of concert promoting. Having people believe in what you are doing is huge. And I am grateful.

+ for my husband. Our relationship has never been perfect [whose is?], but he is perfect for ME. He tells me I'm beautiful when I feel crummy, he brings me treats when I'm feeling down, he offers to help even when he has so much responsibility of his own, he works harder than anyone I know, he never complains about how hard he has to work, and he loves me unconditionally. Even when I'm grumpy. He is my hero.

+ for my children and for Pauline. I don't talk a lot about my children here because they desire some privacy and they read my blog occasionally. But, I want you and them to know, how much they mean to me. They make me laugh when I need it most, they forgive me when I snap at them, they give me hugs when I look like I could use one, and they teach me so very much. Pauline has been one of the greatest blessings in our lives. She is a good to the core person, who cares about others and who is so kind, thoughtful and polite. Her manners make us look like heathens. And I love her. She will always be a part of our family even when she goes back to Belgium. I hope to visit there someday and hug her mother, who I adore without even speaking with [she doesn't speak English.] I am just so grateful to share my life and home with these six people. I am the luckiest.

Please share what YOU are grateful for today!