Thursday, December 8, 2011

five gratefuls.

Today I am grateful:

+ to be a mother. during those 9 days where I was sick, I mostly stayed in my room, trying to keep away from the children so that I didn't infect them, and frankly because I just felt too awful to do anything. I missed giving them hugs and kisses, and cooking them dinner. Our Christmas tree needed decorations and when I was too sick to do it, Ethan and Lily excitedly volunteered. They did the whole thing, start to finish. When I walk by the tree and see the slightly uneven decorations, and imperfectness, it reminds me of how grateful I am to be back amongst them, and resuming my role as mother.

+ for my husband. December is always a crazy month for us because Brandon is so busy with our Christmas tree lot. He works so hard, in the cold. It's tough physical labor and he spends many hours away from home. I miss him during this month, but am so grateful to have such a hard working provider as my companion.

+ for beautiful videos like this one that remind us of why we celebrate Christmas. The Spirit of Christ.

+ for checking things off my to-do list. I've got a busy day and lots to do and I'm just grateful to feel well enough to do it.

+ that tonight all four of the girls will join me and my mom to go see Beauty & The Beast at a local high school. We are replacing our traditional Nutcracker with this performance and I am excited for the change. Sometimes it's nice to switch up the traditions. [Plus, the girls have had a hard time the last couple of years not giggling a little too loudly when the male dancers take to the stage in their...ahem...revealing tights. Yes, a change will do us good :]