Friday, October 28, 2011

two recipes.

Life these last couple of weeks has been a bit different around here. There's been homecoming and head colds, sports practices and games. We've been going so many different directions. Sitting down to dinner as a family has been difficult. I've made a few new recipes, two that were hits, and a couple that were fails. I'll share the two we LOVED.

Minestrone Soup - I've always enjoyed minestrone but had never made it from scratch. This recipe is perfect. Not a thing I would change about it. It's hearty and flavorful, and I made an extra large batch so we ate it as leftovers for a couple of days. My kids balked at the peas and zuchinni, but once they tried it, they realized it was delicious.

Chicken & Sausage with Risotto Style Orzo - I've made this recipe twice now, and it is one of  the most satisfying meals. I suggest watching this video which really helped me to successfully prepare the risotto style orzo. I used boneless chicken thighs the first time and chicken breasts the second time and the thighs were much more tender and flavorful than the breasts. Definitely use the thighs! I was able to find Herb de Provence locally at in the bulk spice section at Yokes, and it really adds dimension to the flavor. This is a great recipe to double and serve when you have guests over.

We've got a fun weekend ahead starting with our 7th annual family pumpkin carving tonight where we will eat Taco Soup + cornbread before carving, and then tomorrow is our school Trunk or Treat. I hope you have a lovely weekend as well!

P.S. I've got the November playlist to share next week as well as some exciting news and giveaways!