Sunday, October 30, 2011


My mom does sooo much for me and our whole family.  She deserves a spotlight.

My mom is amazing and I love her.
  • she cares for everybody
  • she loves unconditionally
  • she listens
  • she cleans like Cinderella
  • she has a great sense of humor
  • she sacrifices so much
  • she forgives and forgets
  • she is beautiful
  • she has a strong and growing testimony of our church
  • she is dependable
  • she is always their 
  • she is the best mom a daughter could have!
 When something needs to be done, she does it.  And she does it to her full potential.  She is my living and shining example.  I look up to her every day.

I love you mom!!!

Love Jocelyn.