Monday, October 17, 2011

big weekend.

This past weekend was filled with excitement as it was Homecoming weekend. There were spirit filled events every evening of the week leading up to the big game and the big dance. I spent much of the week beading this beautiful dress that Grandma Shirley created. 24 hours of beading, actually. I'm pretty sure my mother-in-law had that many hours or more into the dress as well. It was an effort of love. And this dress will be a family heirloom now, that can be worn by sisters and passed on to future children. It turned out beautiful, and Madeline felt like a princess wearing it. She looked beautiful as well, and we as her parents, were pleased that she felt it important to wear a modest gown that wasn't revealing.

Her date was her good friend and pal, Damien, and this group of eight kids are some of the best I know. I thought the girls looked especially beautiful dressed modestly, and the handsome boys acted like gentlemen, escorting their dates to the car and opening the door for them. It's refreshing, don't you think, to see youth who have standards and who don't give in to the pressures of our world today?

After the dance, the kids came to our home where I had fresh-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookies and milk waiting for them. They watched a movie until they all couldn't keep their eyes open any longer. These are a great group of kids!

*photos via our good friends, The Rodriguez Family