Tuesday, August 30, 2011

At this moment...

+ the children are giggling as Ethan plays peek-a-boo with Rosie. It's hilarious. Rosie stays on the couch, while Ethan hides behind and around it. Rosie gets frantic and excited as she waits for him to peek around the side. She pounces on him. We all laugh.

+ Pauline, our beloved foreign exchange student, is enjoying her toast and green tea. We love her so much already, and I am already sad at the thought of her leaving in ten months. We are making lots of plans to live these ten months to the fullest.

+ Jocelyn is enjoying her last day to sleep in. Tomorrow is our first day of school. This year, we are all ready and excited to go back.

+ I'm planning our back to school feast for this evening. We have a busy day of last minute preparations for the first day of school, so it will be easy, laid back, and just an enjoyable family meal. Nothing too fancy.