Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Currently Listening:

I've been a bit bored with the new releases these last couple of weeks and Bon Iver's new album won't be available until next Tuesday [Yay! listen to the entire album here] and so I've been revisiting some older albums that I've neglected. Today I'm listening to Keren Ann's 2003 album 'Not Going Anywhere' which I've featured on mixes in the past.

Keren is an Israeli born singer/songwriter/composer/producer who plays guitar, clarinet, and piano. So much talent. She is based largely in Paris, Tel Aviv, and New York City and I love her French influence the most. She may be one of the best kept secrets and I adore her beautiful, delicate melodies. She has a new album that was released in March, but of all her albums, 'Not Going Anywhere' is my favorite. I especially love that it's stacked full with 17 tracks, 11 in English, and 6 in French.

My favorite tracks: 'Not Going Anywhere', 'Right Now & Right Here', 'End of May', 'Spanish Song Bird', 'By The Cathedral', 'Sit In the Sun', and 'Jardin d'hiver'.

P.S. if you live in the Seattle area, she will be playing at The Triple Door [my favorite venue] this Friday.