Monday, May 16, 2011

Right now:

** I'm taking a break from the mountain of 'Monday laundry' and listening to this favorite spiritual album and feeling very contemplative after attending my friend Helen's funeral this morning. She would have celebrated her 74th birthday last week. Although she faced a tragic death, she lived a beautiful life. I don't think I know anyone more Christlike than her. I will never forget her love of music and her love of the Savior. She and I shared many conversations about music and about living a wholesome life. We talked about living a healthy lifestyle and learning how to recognize the Spirit. I always enjoyed sitting in front of her in church so that I could hear her beautiful and distinctive singing voice.

It always seemed to me that she lived her life for the Lord and for her family. She believed with all her heart in the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and lived the commandments to the best of her ability. She tried to live like her Savior and I want to follow in her example.

I will miss her and her beautiful smile.