Monday, May 9, 2011

May Mix.

Friends, it's been so crazy around here lately. With trips to California and Utah, softball and tennis, sickness and more sickness, I've neglected this blog so much. But I'm back and am hoping to post more regularly. I have so much I want to share and first up is this month's mix [FINALLY!]

But first, some things I want you to know about my monthly mixes:
1. I work on them, tweak them and listen to them many times before I post them here.
2. I only give away one mix per month, and DO NOT sell the mixes.
3. I create these mixes [using a paid service] in the hopes that my readers will discover a new favorite song or artist and that they will in turn support the artist by purchasing their music. I try to always provide links to where the music can be purchased and as I've stated before, I prefer to use AmazonMP3 because I like my music in mp3 format. I also want to be clear that when you purchase music/merchandise through the amazonMP3 links that I provide, I receive a small [think: a few cents] percentage as an advertising commission which helps pay for the cost of creating the mix [think: several dollars.] I very much appreciate your support.
4. I do this each month because I love it, and I know that many of you have discovered new artists and as a result have supported those artists with your purchases.
5. I'm going to start using pictures I take as the covers of my mixes. This month's picture is one I took in the hills above Santa Barbara and as Brandon and I drove through a winding canyon, this amazing bridge and backdrop came into view. We immediately pulled over and took this photo with my iPhone. It is a memory I'll never forget.

Without further ado...

The May Mix:
1. Everything's Okay - Lenka
2. On The Other Side - Augustana
3. Everything Is Burning - Ivan & Alyosha
4. Cats and Dogs - The Head and the Heart
5. Treasure These Moments - Fictionist [free!]
6. Montezuma - Fleet Foxes
7. Western Skies - Paul Jacobsen & The Madison Arm
8. Spanish Burn - Early Winters
9. For 12 - Other Lives
10. The Bed You Made - Jeremy Lister
11.  My Old Friend - We Are The City
12. Won't Let You Leave - Jenny O
13. A Sunrise or Two - Sarah Sample
14. From The Woods - James Vincent McMorrow
15. Goodnight Moon - Said The Whale
16. Wishing Weed - Jason Reeves
17. What Good Is Love - Schuyler Fisk
18. Girl With The Red Balloon - The Civil Wars
19. Keep On The Sunny Side - The Low Anthem
20. Jasper - Aidan Knight
If you would like to win this mix, please comment once on this post by 9am, Friday, May 13th! 


P.S. As always, if you want to listen to past mixes they can be found on my left sidebar.