Friday, May 13, 2011

Choose The Cover of Rolling Stone

Friday night we had the pleasure of joining our friends Jennifer and Aaron and their children at the Rooftop Concert in Provo. After a long 10+ hour drive, it was great fun. Plus anything situated at the base of those gorgeous mountains is going to be amazing right?

I've been to a Fictionist show once before and was impressed, but this one was ramped up quite a bit. Somewhere around 1600 people, on a rooftop, on a gorgeous May day, and the band sitting so close to a chance to be on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

Here's what I loved about their show and what I love about their music. It's definitely rock music, but not so hard that I can't stand it. Plus, they've included the gorgeous ballad "Suffering Angel" for love song junkies like me.

The show was probably the most energetic show I've been to and even included some mosh pit style 'crowd surfing' by lead singer Stuart Maxfield. It was seriously FUN! And after the show, Lily approached each of the band members to get their album signed and they were so sweet to a little 9 year old girl. Nice guys who ROCK??? Who knew.

So today is the last day to vote for them in Round 3 of the Rolling Stone contest. If you could just take a minute and vote for them, you can also download 4 free songs when you do. Then you can go and 'like' them on Facebook to help unlock another free download. Once they reach 11,000 fans, a new download will become available. Pretty cool, huh?

*image by the wonderful Justin Hackworth