Wednesday, April 20, 2011


This time of year is always so busy, so full.
Here's a little taste of what we've been up to...

+ ran his first 100 miler of the year this last weekend.
+ has been up the last few nights doing frost control on the farm. We're hoping Mother Nature gives us a bit of a break.
+ will be leaving next week for his next 100 miler in Santa Barbara, CA.

+ I've been busy hauling kids here and there. Recently, I made 6 trips to the school and back in one day. I'm pretty sure, I could drive that route with my eyes closed.
+ I had an MRI on my ankle because it's been driving me crazy. It throbs and keeps me awake at night. At first the doctor thought it might be a ganglion cyst, but it turns out it's just a bit of tendinitis with built up fluid and inflammation. I start physical therapy on Friday and I am looking forward to getting back into my exercise routine.
+ I've got some fun trips on the horizon that I am really looking forward to. Santa Barbara, CA with Brandon, Adele concert in Portland with my mom, and The Civil Wars in June at my favorite concert venue!

+ She's been so busy trying to keep up with school work while playing tennis.
+ She is going to her first formal dance with a group of friends [sans date, because she's not yet 16] next weekend and we still need to find a dress.
+ She will begin Driver's Ed as soon as tennis is over. [Heaven help me!]

+ Softball has become her favorite past time. She records and watches college softball and has shown so much potential on the field and hitting that we are going to get her some private lessons to sharpen her skills.
+ School and softball has pretty much been her life these days!

+ Still doing online curriculum at home and it's going well. He has reached a point in math where it's getting harder for him to understand and has needed a lot more help from me [algebra!] I've spent hours sitting with him and working on problems with him, trying to help him understand the work. I actually enjoy this so much, and it makes me wonder if I might enjoy teaching math someday...
+ In between lessons, he runs outside with the puppies and checks on our 5 little piglets. This boy was meant to grow up on a farm.
+ He is thoroughly enjoying Scouting. Now that he is 12 and involved in weekly scouting meetings, I hear no more complaints about wearing his scout shirt. He is always looking forward to the next camp out.

+ She is still such a breath of fresh air. She always does her best in school and has had straight A's on all three report cards this year. She has made her reading goal every month, and has almost met her yearly reading goal.
+ She is playing softball again this year and LOVES it! Her first games are this Saturday.
+ She also decided to participate in a school drama program and practices three times a week. There will be a performance later this month where she will show us her acting chops.

That's pretty much how life has stacked up for us lately.
Life is good!
We are happy!
And we hope you are too!