Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Paul Jacobsen & The Madison Arm

In the mood for a rich, gorgeous male voice?
for heart-stopping background vocals?
for well written songs filled with lyrics that tell a story?

Yeah, me too.
Paul Jacobsen & The Madison Arm fit the bill.
I've been selfishly keeping this album to myself.
But honestly, I haven't been able to find the words that can properly express my adoration for this album and the kind men who created it.

Here's what you need to know.
+ these guys have made an incredible album
+ they've won awards
+ they are even more amazing live
+ every song on their album is as good as 'Time' which I've featured on this month's mix
+ they deserve a large audience
+ they are kind, genuine guys who work hard to make great music
+ they are also members of The Lower Lights
+ I've booked them to play here in May, so you should get familiar with their songs [details soon!]
+ they know how to ROCK [see video below]

When I saw them perform 'Apocalypse Wow' live in December on stage with Fictionist... I was BLOWN away, and I can't wait to hear it again!

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* image by Jed Wells
** video source