Thursday, March 10, 2011

Trent Dabbs.

Today I want to share with you an album that has risen to "My Favorites" category. It will most likely be on my top 10 albums of 2011 list. I've been a fan of Trent Dabbs for a few years now, ever since I discovered him from the 2008 Ten out of Tenn tour. I've enjoyed all of his albums, and followed his career over the years.

Two weeks ago, he released his newest work, 'Southerner', and it is divine. I've been slowly devouring it, track by track. Each time I finish the album, I'm sad that it's over, but completely satisfied by it's offering.

The album is teeming with promise, the kind where every track is special and picking a favorite is futile. I'm going to summarize each track with just a few words to keep from gushing too much. [too late? my bad.]

1. Leave to See - film soundtrack worthy
2. Keep Me Young - love the background vocals
3. Don't Blame Love - Beatles-esque
4. Catch Me Up to Speed - could be my favorite
5. Neil Young - clever rock
6. Follow Suit - love the driving rhythym
7. Me & God - lyrically powerful
8. Can I Cross Your Mind - warning: gets stuck in your head
9. Paper Trails - catchy
10. Southerner - builds slowly, finishes beautifully

Just check this album out, friends.
I'm crossing my fingers that Trent makes his way up here again to the Northwest so I can hear these tracks live.