Tuesday, March 22, 2011

life is busy.

Life has been a bit crazy lately. I haven't made much time for blogging, and I miss it. I miss connecting with friends. Here's a little sampling of what we've been up to:

+ we attended a church party Friday night titled "Hillbilly Hoedown" and it was SO much fun. It was the kind of party where every detail was thought of and executed perfectly. I wish I had taken more pictures to share with you all, because I've never seen a church gymnasium transformed so well. Many people dressed up as hillbillies with blacked out teeth and overalls and Ethan was so excited to finally have his own pair. He has been wearing them everyday since. Now he truly feels like little Arliss from Old Yeller. Plus, a mustache makes him feel like a man.

+ this is a pretty big week for Brandon. His race is this weekend and the community response has been overwhelming. At this very moment, there are 464 people signed up to run the Badger Mountain Challenge. It will definitely reach 500 by Saturday. This morning Brandon was interviewed by a local tv news station and will air it Friday night, I believe. Many volunteers and sponsors have come forward and he has put an unbelievable amount of time and effort into this event.

+ Doubleheader softball games. The last two Saturdays we've spent sitting in beautiful spring weather to watch Jocelyn play fastpitch softball. She is playing first base on the Varsity team [we only have a Varsity team] and she loves it. Honestly, I love it too. Softball is my most favorite sport to watch.

+ Words with Friends and Angry Birds. Need I say more? Two very addicting games have been added to our lives and we [me + the kids] love playing them. If you want to join me on Words with Friends, my username is ThePassionista. I love word games.

+ I'm working on details for my next show and am looking forward to officially announcing it in a couple of weeks.

+ We are trying to decide on our Spring Break plans. Seattle or Utah? Seattle or Utah? My vote is Utah!

What have you been up to?