Monday, March 14, 2011

highs + lows.

This past weekend was a roller-coaster of emotions.

High: On March 11th, Ethan turned 12, a milestone birthday.
Low: On March 11th, Japan was hit with a terrifying earthquake and tsunami.

High: On March 12th, our family went to the temple to do work for our ancestors.
Low: On March 12th, the devastating images from Japan filled my mind.

High: On March 13th, Ethan was ordained to the office of a Deacon, and received the Priesthood.
Low: On March 13th, the news from Japan seemed to grow worse.

It's heartbreaking to know of the suffering, devastation, and despair happening elsewhere in the world, and frankly makes celebrating feel insensitive. We tried our best to make Ethan's big weekend feel special, while still recognizing how much hurt is happening in the world.

If you can help, please do.
We will too.

* image found via pinterest