Wednesday, March 9, 2011


For your information.

+ On my left sidebar, you will see a new section titled 'Listen to my Monthly Mixes'. I'm in the process of adding all of the past monthly mixes there, so if you have a favorite, or wish you could go back and hear a certain month, you'll be able to listen to it. Currently, most of 2010 is added. I'll slowly be adding past years as well.

+ I've created a Facebook page for Passionista Presents. When it comes to spreading the word about shows, Facebook seems to be the best place to do that. If you follow this blog, are a regular reader, or just want to know more about upcoming shows, please "like" that page and let your friends and family know about it as well. I can only continue to bring these shows to the Tri-Cities if I get support in ticket sales.

Although The Lower Lights show was incredible, and truly was heaven on earth, we didn't get enough people there to cover the costs of bringing the group here. It won't be feasible to continue doing this unless there is more support.