Thursday, March 3, 2011


[an art piece I love from The Peach Pit Etsy shop]

I'm sure you know the exact feeling I am feeling today. The one where you are so full of happiness, so full of gratitude that there is no room for negative, for sad, for unhappy. I can't seem to stop the steady flow of happy tears this morning. I have so much to be happy about:

+ some really inspiring, uplifting turn of events concerning The Lower Lights. I hope to be able to share them with you at some point. Please come to the show. Be uplifted. Be inspired. Be moved.
+ people who are so willing to jump in and help me with this show. People are housing the members of The Lower Lights, friends are feeding the group, family is helping sell tickets. I am So. Grateful.
+ watching my children learn and grow. They overcome, they try, they desire to be better. It's inspiring.
+ the sun is shining so gloriously this morning. It's filling my home with it's beautiful rays.
+ my friends are stretching their creative arms again to bring Project:Craft to life and I can't wait to see the inspiring atmosphere they create this time.

What is making you happy today?