Monday, March 28, 2011


We live on the east side of Washington state. The dry, desert side. 
And I've heard many say that it's not very pretty here, perhaps, even ugly.
And while I admit that there are much more beautiful places,
I think beauty can be found anywhere.

This past weekend, we assisted Brandon in the first ever Badger Mountain Challenge.
Although some details of the race weren't perfect, he learned a lot and next year will be even better.
Today, upon reflection, I find so much beauty in this event.

I saw beauty when:
+ I worked alongside a family who sacrificed their entire Saturday to cook up hot food for the participants
+ I cheered on a cousin who celebrated her last round of chemo by running the 15k with family + friends
+ I proudly watched two girl friends triumph after months of training
+ I viewed racers looking like colorful ants as they zig-zagged up Badger Mountain

 [iPhone photo by me]

+ I didn't hear a single complaint from my sleepy teenagers as I woke them at 5am to help me buy 75 gallons of water for the runners
+ countless volunteers in neon green shirts who pitched in everywhere help was needed
+ a friend of Brandon's came over for the weekend to pace runners, sweep the course, and just do anything he needed
+ children holding decorated signs were shouting "Go Dad Go!" as they watched him arrive to the final stretch
+ a wife anxiously waited for her husband to arrive at his first 100 mile finish, and then embraced him as he collapsed to the ground from exhaustion
+ Brandon, who hadn't slept in 3 days, rallied to cheer on the racers as they crossed the finish line

The entire event was an experiment in Beauty.
The beauty of nature.
The beauty of human endurance.
The beauty of un-selfish sacrifice.

Watching Brandon accomplish this feat, [with the help of so many], was the most beautiful thing for me. He has been dreaming of bringing ultra-running to the Tri-Cities for years and I think it was an impressive success.

I can't wait for next year!

** read our local paper's review of the event here