Friday, February 25, 2011


Here's a few shots from our trip.

Top row: These two shots are of the train of cars stopped on the pass waiting hours for it to re-open, and a self portrait of us relaxing in the car for 4 hours. We were counting our blessings that we had each other, our iPhones to keep us busy, music to keep me sane, a heater to keep us warm, and no children or pets with us. Some were not as lucky as us :)

Bottom row: Once we finally made it to Seattle, it was dark. The view from our hotel room at Hotel Max [a really hip hotel close to Pikes Place] was incredible. That Seattle skyline gets me every time.

We asked the hotel for recommendations for breakfast and they sent us down the street to Lola, and I ordered the Eggs Benedict with smashed garlic fried potatoes. It was the most delicious breakfast I've ever eaten. The dill hollandaise sauce was to. die. for. So light and airy and rich and creamy. I will definitely eat there again.

The drive home was still crazy, but at least the pass wasn't closed. We chained up, and made it home in 5.5 hours. It felt like a breeze after the day before.