Thursday, February 3, 2011


As my children get older, I post less and less about them here because they deserve some privacy. But today, I wanted to share how much I love these girls.

They are just one year + five days apart. Practically twins. Except they couldn't be more different. Madeline has gorgeous chocolate eyes, honey brown hair, and tends to like things... cluttered. Jocelyn has crystal blue eyes, golden blond hair, and leans more to the tidy side. For years, they shared a room, but it caused a lot of friction. So Jocelyn moved into the basement.

The thing is, they can't stand to be apart. Often, I will find Madeline sleeping downstairs with Jocelyn, or Jocelyn upstairs sharing Madeline's bed. I don't have the words to express how happy this makes me. That they truly love each other.

In just a couple of years, Madeline will graduate from high school leaving Jocelyn to finish her senior year. They can't bear the thought of being apart, however, so they are creating a plan where Madeline will stay here one extra year to go to cosmetology school and then when Jocelyn graduates, they will leave home together.

Madeline has been home sick for 4 days now, and Jocelyn can hardly stand to be at school without her.
They are the most adorable comedic duo, and I love them to pieces.