Friday, January 14, 2011

the winter sun.

+ I'm enjoying the winter sun that is streaming though my windows. Our weather has been amazing these last couple of days, with temps flirting with 60 degrees. Seriously.
+ Ethan has finished his daily work and is waiting patiently for his best buddy, Lily, to get off the bus.
+ I'm texting with Madeline who is on her way home from school and is making plans to go to the Sadie Hawkins dance tonight with girlfriends.
+ I am waiting for Brandon to return from a meeting so that I can kiss him goodbye. He's got a race tomorrow on the other side of the mountains.
+ I'm so. tired. of coughing. This sinus infection turned chest cold has overstayed it's welcome.
+ I got my hair cut today. I always feel like a new woman afterwards.
+ I'm hoping a few more people decide to join us on Tuesday for Sarah's concert. I would sure love to fill this house up! There are still a few tickets left. Get them here.

Have a lovely weekend!