Monday, January 10, 2011

In my head...

+ I've been cleaning and de-cluttering my bedroom all day. Long over due, and it makes me so happy to be in there now. Plus, I made room for a couple of pretty things that Lindsay gave me for Christmas.

+ I have watched this new video of Adele singing the last track from her upcoming album a few times now, and can't seem to get it out of my head. These little teasers are just making me so excited for her new album.

+ Every January I get a sinus infection. Without fail. It doesn't make me too happy. But I'm trying not to let it ruin my week.

+ Weather forecasts are saying that we will be getting quite a winter storm this week. I'm crossing my fingers that they're right. I LOVE snow!

+ Did you see Danyelle's new blog makeover? It's pretty.

+ I'm currently reading two books. I read this one last summer and am reading it again for book club. I'm enjoying it even more the second time around. I'm also reading this one because I've heard great things about it. So far, it's fascinating!

+ There are just 23 tickets left for the Sarah Sample show. Are you going to join us? Get your tickets soon!