Wednesday, January 5, 2011

In case you missed it...

A little over a week ago, while many of you were huddling with your families and avoiding the internet, I announced my next concert. I am so excited about this show. It will be Sarah and her guitar, in our home, and you DO NOT want to miss it. Opening act, Charith Bagley, will be serenading us as well.

Tickets are just $15/seat, are on sale now, and all proceeds go to the artist, so please join us!
There will be seating for every ticket, light refreshments for our guests and it would make the perfect mid-week date night, or girl's night out. Arrange a sitter, and come enjoy some beautiful music.

Listen to Sarah's new album "Someday, Someday" in full here.
Tickets available here.

**new updated concert poster created by my dear friend, Lindsay.