Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy list.

+ The Civil Wars new album "Barton Hollow" is released tomorrow. I'll be up at midnight downloading it. And tomorrow, I'll spend the day savoring it.

+ Yesterday was one of those emotionally draining, yet completely uplifting days. One cousin reporting on his mission to Australia, another giving his farewell talk before he leaves for his 2 year mission to Brazil. Brothers, one coming, one going. Their father, our uncle and Bishop, sharing his farewell testimony after 6+ years of service. Lots of tears. Some sadness. Then, an evening meeting to hear our new ward boundaries. Significant changes to our ward. Excitement. Lots of excitement. I love change.

+ Tickets are selling. I've got lots of spreading the word to do. I'm so excited to share the music of The Lower Lights. Everyone I tell is excited too. Have you got your tickets yet?

+ This month marks 4 years of blogging. Happy Birthday blog. This morning I went back and read my first few posts. It's so interesting to see the changes in this blog. 733 posts of evolution. My favorite change? Bigger pictures. Small pictures on a blog irritate me. I'm glad I figured out how to make them bigger.

+ I'm joining a gym this week. I've been going with a friend. It feels so good to put in the work to reach my goals. I've decided to run Brandon's 15k race. I'll be able to run AND volunteer. Win-win.

+ Tomorrow I will turn my calendars and share the February mix here. I love brand new months.

Are you happy too? Why?