Tuesday, January 25, 2011


--- This morning while blog hopping, I happened upon Mighty Girl. Specifically her weekly music mixes. A collection of a few songs each week that she grew to love in a quest to discover 1000 new songs. 29 weeks of music recommendations. For a music junkie like me, well, that's like hitting the jackpot.

Lately there hasn't been much in *new* music that has tickled my fancy, so I sat in the sun and wrote down any songs from her mixes that I hadn't heard before or really given a chance. There were gobs of them. Like 3.5 pages worth. Guess what I'll be doing today.

I suspect I won't love much of what she recommends,
but I also predict that I'll find some new favorites of my own.

So, today I ask three favors of you...
1. if you subscrbe to my blog via a RSS feed like Google Reader or Bloglines, would you be so kind as to change your subscription to my new URL: passionistapresents.com. By doing this, it will allow you to get updates when I post them, rather than hours and hours later. Please and Thank you!

2.  if you have one of my buttons on your site, would you please update it with my NEW button? It's a cute mix tape and more adequately depicts this blog space of mine. The code is over there on my sidebar. Thanks so much!

3. I love getting music recommendations as much as I love to give them. Some of my favorite artists ever were recommended to me by Lindsay [Katie Herzig + Kate Walsh.] So, please leave me a comment and tell me what music you love a lot. It can be anything. Mainstream, Indie, Singer/Songwriter. I love classical, I appreciate opera, I like classic rock. I adore jazz. I just don't like filthy lyrics and screaming heavy metal.

Perhaps, in the style of Maggie Mason, I will share some favorites from your recommendations on Friday!