Wednesday, January 19, 2011

a beautiful day.

Yesterday was a beautiful day from start to finish.
It began with sunlight, and busy preparations, and friends stepping in to help.
It was a funeral to say goodbye to a beloved aunt.
It was dressing up our home to make it extra cozy + pretty.
It was special people who came to support a crazy girl's dream of making music happen HERE.
It was two beautiful women who know how to share their talent.

Last night's house concert was something amazing.
Charith opened the evening with wonderful music and delightful stories.
And then Sarah took my breath away with her voice, and her words, and her humor.
Sarah's gifts are massive.
Her lyrics: stunning.
Her voice: flawless.
Her stories: personal.
She had us laughing.
She had us in tears.
It was a magical evening.

Thank you to all who came.
Thank you LeeAnn for the beautiful photography.
Thank you Charith.
Thank you so much, Sarah.