Friday, December 24, 2010


In my husband's family, placing the star on the tree has always been a special tradition. Their family tree is always large and tall because they have an A-frame house and the ceilings are high; a small tree just doesn't look right in that kind of space.

Getting the star atop a very tall, fat tree, however, is not simple. Ladders don't work well, because while they give you the height you need, they don't get you close enough. We've tried human ladders, and well, that was just scary!

Several years ago, someone came up with the idea of rigging up a pulley/harness system to the large beams on the ceiling. Tada! The perfect experience to place the star on the tree. Every year, a different grandchild gets to harness up and fly through the air while we all watch in excitement as they place the star at the very top of the family tree. Each of my children have had their turn, and this year, it was my nephew Alec's turn. I love how in these pictures, you can see my neice Bella, looking on in wonder. In just a few years, it will be her turn.

After the star is on the tree, all of the grandchildren act out the Nativity. There are costumes, and angels, and singing, and a reminder to us all of why we celebrate this season.

This is one of my favorite Christmas traditions!
Merry Christmas Eve!