Monday, December 20, 2010

Right now...

+ I am in heaven with the recent snow promising us a white Christmas.
+ We are grateful for this entire week of no school before Christmas. It's so relaxing and nice.
+ Ethan and Lily are inside getting warm after building this pretty snow lady. They gifted her a pink elephant for her Christmas gift, to match her pink hat, of course.
+ Nat King Cole is playing on the record player.
+ Madeline is suffering from a seriously horrible throat infection. It is YUCK-Y!!! Thank goodness for antibiotics.
+ Brandon is finishing up at the tree lot, and we are almost completely sold out of Christmas trees!
+ I have just a few small things left to shop for, but I haven't wrapped a single gift yet. Guess what I'll be doing every night this week?
+ Jocelyn is at basketball practice, and I am thankful that the coaches let us sleep in today.
+ I am thinking hard about what we can do as a family to bring our focus on the Savior these last few days before Christmas. Service is the key, I think.

Warm Wishes!