Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Dear cousins in Spokane,

Your new restaurant, Rusty Roof's Burger & Shake Shack was the perfect excuse for us to head north to try out your fare. It was worth the 2 hours of driving each way. Your house made frozen custard shakes, and your crispy sweet potato fries were so yummmmy.

So good, in fact, that we ate lunch & dinner there. With details like local baked buns, Tillamook cheese, fresh fried donuts and the best sweet potato fries I've ever had, I hope you rock the Spokane area!

Dear C Jane,

Wow! I am honored and grateful to be among your favorite blogging moments of 2010. Thanks for inspiring me to dream bigger.

Dear Sarah Sample,

I am so excited to meet you, and to hear you perform live in our home. Last night, as my family all slept in the car, I drove home from Spokane while it poured a rainy/slushy mix. I listened to your new album, Someday, Someday, and it was the perfect soundtrack for that moment. I may have sung along too loudly on "Be My Middle Ground" and stirred my loved ones from their sleep :)

Dear readers,

Have you listened to Sarah's new album? Please go here and listen to each track in it's entirety, and then purchase the physical CD, and get the digital version immediately for download. Such a great deal. One version for your iPod + one CD for your car. Perfect!

P.S. Here is a video that Sarah made in the process of recording. Isn't she gorgeous?

Dear South Eastern Washingtonians,

Buy your tickets for the Sarah Sample show right here. It's going to be a lovely evening. Local musician, Charith Bagley will be opening for Sarah and we are looking forward to having you all in our home to hear some amazing music!

Dear Christmas,

I loved every minute of you. I loved remembering the reason for celebrating and stretching myself to serve those around me. I loved visiting the lonely and trying to think more about the Savior and how He would spend His time. I am thankful that we get a season each year to focus on the things that are truly important and to think more about giving and less about getting.

Now that you are over, I get to focus on the things I need to work on in 2011. I've got a word, and some goals, and I'll see you again next December.

With Love,