Friday, November 19, 2010

winter is on it's way.

[ gorgeous Irene Suchocki print found here]

+ my iPod weather app is forecasting all kinds of snow flurries and bitter cold temps for this weekend. This makes me so happy I feel like my heart will jump out of my chest. I love the snow so much.

+ Jenn from Making It My Own has been hosting a Thankful week with guest posts from some great women, and I am honored that she invited me to share my thoughts today. Please hop on over and say Hi... plus if you comment on my post, it's another chance to win the November mix.

+ A couple of weeks ago, I saw that the Blog Guidebook was requesting nominations for Top Blog 2010. I didn't hesitate to nominate my favorite blog of this year, Today's Letters. If you haven't started reading Emily & Tim's daily letters, please start now. Everyday I look forward to reading their words. It's one of the happiest, funnest little spots on the internet, in my opinion. If you love The Loerke's like I do, please vote for them starting tomorrow!

+ Have you ever stumbled upon a blog post that just strikes a chord with you? I did that yesterday. I had never read anything from this blog previously, but somehow happened upon this post. I loved her words because they were honest, and real...

On my blog, I try to keep things happy and light and positive, but sometimes worry that I'm presenting my life as perfect. I assure you, it's not. Right now, there are dishes in the sink, junk on the counter, my girls were late to early morning seminary today, and I woke up with a huge headache that I've been whining about all morning :(  It's real life here, but I do find it helpful to look on the bright side on a daily basis.

Here's the bright side:
+ Brandon got home last night and immediately made me laugh with stories from his travel. One of his stories involved a backed up and overflowing toilet in his hotel room. Hilarious.
+ It's Friday. I love Friday's. It means a few days off from homework and
a few days of full family time.
+ I get to go visit my friend Lindsay today, and FINALLY hold her brand new little Charlie.

What's your bright side?