Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sarah Sample.

Sometimes I think it's not fair when one person embodies so much beauty.
I mean how about spreading the wealth?
Sarah Sample is obviously gorgeous on the outside, look at that album cover.
But crack open her new album, Someday, Someday, and you'll soon discover
her angelic voice mixed with her honest songwriting.

What I would give.
To be able to sing and write like that...

From her song, Every Time I Go [my personal favorite], we get lyrics like...

Everytime I leave
Feel like I am free falling, real slow
my stomach in the sky, in my heart a battle cry
yes, you have won me over 

Everytime I go
I give my heart to you
to keep you from the cold
and whisper one truth, that nothing
could keep my love from you

When you cannot hear

me whisper in your ear, that you are my lucky star
and the bully in your mind, saying words unkind so loud
that you start to hear him...

Other tracks I la-la love are, Calling Your Name, Holiday, and Be My Middle Ground.

This is a must-listen-to-the-whole-album
Please, take the time to check it out.

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on AmazonMP3
on BandCamp

P.S. Sarah is also one of the many voices on The Lower Lights, which I'm a mega fan of and can't seem to go a day without listening to. Have you heard The Lower Lights?