Monday, November 8, 2010

Passionista Presents...

We did it.
With a ton of help from wonderful friends, neighbors, and family, we were able to put together a really fun show.

I'm actually kind of emotional about it today. When I think about all of the help that was offered, and given, the hard work and creativity that was put forth, I know that those are the things that made Saturday night a success!

Opening act, Lauren Fox was nothing short of beautiful. She has amazing raw talent, and her voice is so lovely. Her own songwriting is impressive and her covers are SPOT ON. My favorite was her very last song, a KT Tunstall cover. It was GOR-GEOUS!

Thank you Lauren, for making your way to the Tri-Cities, and for dedicating Baby Beluga to Lily, she will NEVER forget that. [I'm sorry about the annoying stool, and the pesky flies!!]

Mindy was perfection. She sounded as amazing live as she does on her albums. She was warm and generous with the audience, sharing personal stories about her songs [which I think is the KEY to a wonderful concert.] She was kind, and easy to work with, and I missed her the second I dropped her off at the airport. She's just that kind of a person. She performed every track from her new album, Anchor, + she covered The Cure's "Friday, I'm In Love" which I can't stop singing to myself.

I am so grateful that she was willing to work with me on this, my first show, and that she brought two of the sweetest backup guys ever. Chase + Nate, you guys ROCK!

Thank you Mindy, from the bottom of my heart!
Thank you to all of you who bought tickets, I appreciate your support.

There will be future shows. 
I can promise you that!

*** A HUGE thank you to Lee Ann for the great photography. She donated her time and talents for this show, and I am so grateful. Check out the pictures on Facebook!