Monday, November 15, 2010


Yesterday was her 9th birthday.
She is growing up so quickly, it tears my heart up a bit.
At the same time, I love the little lady she is becoming...

an excellent student: 
at her recent teacher's conference, it was all great news
and we got a look at her 1st quarter report card. 
straight A's.
at our house, that means you've earned $100.
she's the first one to ever accomplish it.
she tries very hard, and I am grateful for that.

a planner:
she knows what she wants.
we've been growing out her hair for a few years, but over the last few month's
she's been asking to chop it off. I finally gave in, and her dad took her to get it cut.
she got exactly what she wanted, and she was happy.

for Halloween, she knew well in advance what she wanted to be.
we went to the fabric store and she picked out the happiest shade of yellow,
which really surprised me. she's more of a pink or purple kind of girl.
she loved her poodle skirt, and I think that cheery yellow fit her personality perfectly.

today, her and I will head to the mall after school so that she can use
a 40% off coupon at her favorite store. she's been planning in her head
for a couple weeks now exactly what she wants to buy with her birthday/report card money.

a sweetheart:
recently I was given a bouquet of flowers which included sweet smelling Lilies.
and I was reminded that we chose the perfect name for her.
she is the sweetest young lady, and when she wraps her arms around my neck
and tells me how much she loves me, all is right in the world.

she has a gentle power in her.
she tries hard.
she knows what she wants.
and she's the sweetest.

aren't I the luckiest?