Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy is...

+ this new bracelet I ordered from here. I wear it almost everyday and it makes me sooooo happy.
+ waking up to find a little gift from a reader in the U.K. in my in-box. Naomi, you are the COOLEST!
+ welcoming my husband home. He's been gone on business all week, and I miss him so much. He gets home this afternoon!!!
+ the smell of pumpkin throughout my house. [thank you Scentsy.]
+ reading a post like this on parenting. I admire Lyndsay and appreciate her taking a stand.
+ putting my Christmas cards together. I've made a goal to have them in the mail a few days after Thanksgiving and you. just. have. no. idea. how. happy. this. makes. me. ***insanely happy***
+ my children. They each are the bright spots in my days. I love them!

What is making you ***insanely happy*** today?