Tuesday, October 12, 2010

This + That.

Today didn't fail me.
New Music Tuesdays ROCK!

Check out these new albums.

Is she gorgeous or what? Her voice is just as beautiful. 
A deluxe version is available on iTunes for $11.99 or click the link above to purchase the album on AmazonMP3 with a bonus acoustic version of the title track. [that's my choice.]
Featuring duets with Aqualung and William Fitzsimmons [the latter is only on iTunes though]. 
Wha? Yeah, it's a seriously great album.
I la-la-love this album already. I know you will too! 
Check out tracks 1, 4, and 11. 
But really? It's a solid listen-all-the-way-through kind of album.

He's already one of my favorites. One of my go to guys.
This album still has that same "Radin" sound, but with a little more rock edge. It's nice.
Plus it's only $7.99 at AmazonMP3.

Happy New Music Tuesday, Friends!

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