Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer 2010 Highlights.

We had a wonderful summer crammed full of fun adventures and I need to record them here, you know... for posterity. I can hardly believe we're nearly in September. School starts for us on Wednesday, which I am grateful for, we need a few days to recover from fair.

Here's how our summer went down, month by month, [not in chronological order, unfortunately] :

June 2010

1. lots of nights by the fire pit where we enjoyed smores and yo' momma jokes.
2. Ethan and Lily raised $70 for kids in Haiti.
3. Jocelyn graduated from the 8th grade.
4. working with the pigs.
5. last day of school injury where Ethan's head required 7 stitches.
6. Lily loved Danyelle's craft camp.
7. June was full of cooler days where Ethan and Lily had to entertain themselves without a pool.

July 2010

1. July finally offered us plenty of warm sunshine to soak up.
2. the airshow on the Columbia - boat race weekend.
3. I got to see the Avett Brothers with some great friends.
4. Brandon ran the Swan Crest 100 miler and we tagged along to enjoy Montana's beauty.
5. we rescued our puppies, Rosie + Sammie; if you were to ask my children, this would definitely be the highlight of Summer for them.
6. swimming with cousins at Poppy and Grammy's pool.

++ not pictured: Madeline and Jocelyn went to girl's camp, EFY, and the Oregon coast three weeks in a row, together. They had three wonderful, spritually uplifting weeks that I am so thankful for!

August 2010

1 & 2. the American Idol concert in Portland was lots of fun. Lily got to go to her very first real concert and she loved every second of it because it meant she got to boogie!
3. Brandon did lots of running in the mountains including finishing another 100 miler in the Cascades with his friend Mike.
4. bowling with family - we miss you Mitch, Nan, Cam, Jack & Brady!!!!
5. Brandon climbed Mt. Adams and took a self portrait at the summit.
6. FAIR! definitely one of the highlights of our summer. the rides, the food, the friends, the concerts.
7. Jocelyn turned 14 and went to her first Stake dance.
8. the Beach Boys concert was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Especially "Don't Worry Baby" and "Wouldn't It Be Nice." I wish they would play every year at fair.
9. Ethan sold his pig for a very nice price and he did a great job at fair.
10. Madeline turned 15 and continues to be one of the funnest teenagers in the land!

We love summer and hate to see it end.
We hope yours was lovely as well!