Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Avett Brothers

Last night, I went to Spokane with Danyelle, Lindsay, Kristin to watch an amazing concert. One of my top 5 concert experiences for sure. The Avett Brothers are a special band. Their music is incredible, their lyrics inspiring, their talent... UNBELIEVABLE!

I loved every second of this show!
Here's the setlist:

Paranoia in B flat Major
Head Full of Doubt
January Wedding
The Fall
Die Then Grow [video I took with my phone above. This was the highlight for me. A brand new song, never played live before. I fell in love with it.]
Distraction #74
I Killed Sally's Lover
Tin Man
10,000 Words
Die Die Die
Kick Drum Heart
The New Love Song
The Perfect Space
Black, Blue [solo by Seth... Gorgeous]
I Would Be Sad
Pretty Girl from Cedar Lane
I and Love and You

Murder in the City [solo by Scott... Perfection]
Laundry Room

I'll be counting the days until
I get to see this band live again!


Mary said...

I love them - would love to see them live!

dandee said...

it was amazing...and I'm so happy you captured that little gem with your phone. I've been reliving the show all afternoon, thanks to you.

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

Lucky! The song you got with your phone is terrific. Thanks for sharing it!

polka dots said...

it was amazing. happy to see you figured out the title of their last number. loved it.

Heather said...

oh man, i can't see the video! the song titles scare me a bit- but i fully trust your musical judgement! glad you gals got out. ;)

lovely lindsay said...

on my list of best-live-shows-ever! the album versions just aren't going to cut it for me anymore. =) you are amazing for finding out the setlist. thank you for getting me out of the house for a day with you girls and a night of talented musicians. so much love, lindsay

pinklady said...

I went to the seattle show...and LOVED it! it was the first time I had seen them in concert. blew me away. :)