Friday, July 9, 2010

Animal House.

[Rosie + Sammie]

Our current animal count:

+ 6 pigs
+ 4 fish
+ 1 hamster
+ 1 bunny
+ 2 dogs.

I hope I'm not forgetting anyone.

These two puppy Chihuahua mixes were rescued from the highway near our home by my husband earlier this week. We are pretty sure they were abandoned [so sad] because they came to us covered in fleas and ticks and were starving and scared [so so sad.]

I've never really been much of a small dog person, I'm more of a labrador fan. But, honestly? These two tiny little creatures have captured all of our hearts. Well, actually Madeline + Jocelyn don't even know about them yet because they've been at EFY all week, but I'm certain that they will be smitten too.

We may be adding a few chickens to the mix soon, as well.
I don't mind.
This living-on-a-farm-surrounded-by-animals is a pretty great life.