Friday, June 11, 2010

What home means to me.

I jumped at the chance to participate in Pin It Forward where the theme is "What Home Means to Me" because I love to be home.
I am a homebody.
I like it here.

Home is where my family is.
Home is where we make our memories.
Home is where my favorite things are.
Home is where I get to express my creativity.
Home is where we like to turn up the music and dance.
Home is where we work.
Home is where we eat.
Home is where we play.
Home is where we love.

I like it here.

[click to view large]

This pinboard really captures the styles that I love.
These are the things that I think make a house a home.

1. Family. I really love mine. Photo by You Look Nice Today Photography.
2. Handmade things. This mega doily rug tops my dream wishlist.
3. Growing things. I love plants.
4. Artwork with meaning. You Are My Sunshine Print. [A song I sung to my babies.]
5. Music. My home must have music. Everyday.
6. Cozy spaces. Aren't sleeping nooks the coziest?
7. Inspiring rooms. I really like the idea of feeling inspired in your bedroom.
8. Touches of whimsy. a little or a lot.
9. Space to create. lots of happy tape is a great place to start.
10. Shots of color. This is something I want to start working on. Adding bold color.
11. Pretty things... make me happy.
12. Genealogy. Photos and records of where we came from.
13. Fresh flowers. a must have.
14. Organization. A place for everything and everything in it's place.

What does home mean to you?

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